Card Linked Offers: What are They?

Card Linked Offers: What are They?

Card-linked offers (CLOs) are rising because the world is now gearing towards digital, personalised, convenient, and contactless transactions. With this in mind, businesses should jump right into the trend because if they choose not to integrate CLOs in their marketing strategies,they would be missing out on a true business growth opportunity to help increase revenue in their business

If you want to know more about Card-Linked Offers and how to utilise it for the benefit of your business, this post is for you!

Defining Card Linked Offers

To put it bluntly, Card-Linked Offers (CLOs) are offers in the form of cashback or discounts. These offers are available for consumers who have linked their credit or debit card to an app, website, platform, or loyalty programs.

Now that Card-Linked Offers are available, troublesome occurrences such as “open your app to redeem” and “I didn’t bring my card” are now events of the past. Once a customer has already linked his credit or debit card, a CLO will automatically be verified. CLOs come in the form of a cashback or a discount.

Certain businesses require their consumers to click their Card-Linked Offers through their smartphones to activate the offer, which in return increases customer-brand engagement. There’s no need for customers to bring a printed receipt, physical voucher, or show their mobile device because the business system will automatically verify the cashback for every customer who purchases.

How Card Linked Offers Help Small Businesses

Card-Linked Offers work similar to traditional marketing vouchers – they are business-funded. Businesses benefit from these because of the following:

CLOs Encourage Customer Loyalty

Card-Linked Offers is an effective way to maintain good relationships with customers. By offering CLOs, previous customers will continue to support a business because they know that they will get a reward for their loyalty.

Consumers view CLOs as easy ways to get offers from various businesses that they know and love. This marketing technique offers consumers a convenient and memorable way to earn rewards. Its simplicity is key to encouraging customers to return to that business more frequently.

CLOs Promote Brand Awareness

Businesses and retailers greatly benefit from Cash-Lined Offers because, with the help of digital channels where more and more consumers spend their time, small businesses can reach and show their customers about their new offers.

By constantly promoting exceptional marketing experiences such as CLOs, brands increase their visibility in the market. Brand Awareness sets in as more and more new viewers become aware of their business, increasing their audience and prospect customers.

Cash-Linked Offers are digital, so it also increases customer engagement and usage. Because it is in a digital format, new customers can stay ahead of what businesses offer. 

CLOs Increase Sales

Cash-Linked Offers have already proven themselves effective in increasing a business’ sales revenue. As mentioned above, CLOs generate both customer loyalty and business awareness. With the increased number of customers and prospect clients, companies will enjoy a fantastic spike in their sales once they start incorporating CLOs into their marketing strategies.

Lastly, CLOs can also be used as a data source to track a business’s consumer market behavior. By viewing each customer’s history using CLOs, businesses will better understand how their customers operate as consumers. How often they shop, what their average order sizes are, and what customers like more are only some of the information that businesses may get from using Cash-Linked Offers.

How to Optimize Card Linked Offers for Small Business

Cash-Linked Offers are some of the fastest, most advanced portions of digital advertising budgets. It is relatively simple to optimize CLOs – just set it up, and it will already bring in more revenue.

Cash-Linked Offers are more irresistible because businesses won’t have to spend on advertisements, printed vouchers and mailers, and other expenses related to marketing. The only time businesses have to shed a small fee is for every one of their customers’ completed transactions.

How Can I Launch a CLO campaign?

Tapit is a well-known platform for business owners. Businesses can team up with us to start offering Cash-Linked Offers for their customers, and at the same time, customers will enjoy their delightful CLOs! Don’t worry because, at Tapit, there is no required hardware, software, staff training, and contracts and best of all you only pay a small fee once a customer transacts with you. What we offer only takes 5 minutes to set up!

At Tapit, we prioritise your business’ success over ours, and it clearly shows that we genuinely want the best results for you. If you’re interested, contact us here. We’ll be waiting for you! 

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